Kickstarter Campaign

I met Brad Diamond and the team of Starcalled through Reddit when they launched their kickstarter campaign for Zodiac Empires, a DnD Fantasy Campaign. Their idea at that time to help funding was to spice up their presentation and unify it in an Art Deco style. In this package I created a title, header illustrations for each section, stretch goal, rewards table, progress bar, and social icons.

Zodiac Empires overreached their goal of $6,500 and was able to fund their campaign with a total of $11,107. [link]


The next step

After a successful campaign we focused on the upcoming Conventions. I designed the template for their business cards and created a few banners that they printed for their booth.


The Book

I got a chance to do a lot of illustrations and logos for their book. Below are some of the selected works I've done, including digital paintings and vector illustrations.